Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Art of Junk Contest: The Finalists!

Wow! We asked for entries and did you send some amazing, arty, repurposed junk!
Winnowing the finalists for the Art of Junk contest to 11 was not easy!
Each finalist has won free early setup on Tuesday, and will compete for $1,000 in cash prizes.
Their work will be displayed in the Art of Junk gallery on the 2nd floor all three days of the Bonanza!
Our panel of community judges will make the final selections Wednesday, Sept. 24.
Here, in no particular order, are the finalists and entries:
* Gretchen Morrison and Becky Schuster of Eclectic 887
"Alvin, Ethel and Elmer"
* Terry Kerr, independent
"Soldier Boy Lamp"
*Paul Larsen of Limited Primitives
"On the Handlebars"
*Rick Murphy of Rick's Sculptures
"Bennington the Dog"
*Mary Andersen of Vintage Pixie
"Radiant Miss Bella"
* Sara Smith of s.a.r.a.
* Carter Averbeck of Omforme Design
"Walk-Sit Chair"
* Mike-Janet Brown of Treasures and Trash
 "Gas Pump Cabinet"
* Ben Mueller of A Vintage Parcel
"The Heart of the City"
* Lee Anderson of Histories
"Victory Dance Hall Sign"
* Suzanne Theisfeld of Objects & Art
"Metal Dress"

Stop by the Art of Junk gallery at the Bonanza to check out these amazing entries!
Vive le junk!


Meet Our Fabulous Partners and Contributors!

The information desk during the Spring 2014 Junk Bonanza, where attendees flocked for great giveaways, including kits from contributor Gorilla Glue. Gorilla Glue returns for Fall show Sept. 25-27, and is giving away 50 kits on Lucky Friday!

The Junk Bonanza's partners are an amazing bunch! Not only do they help underwrite our events, they contribute to our Lucky Friday giveaways, helping to make each show even more fun!
 Leading off as our Gold Partner is Annie Sloan Unfolded, the North American distributor of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and a host of waxes, finishes and other products! 
We'll be posting Tuesday about the great lineup of free, hands-on workshops during the Bonanza to help you learn more about specialty finishes. Be sure to stop by the ASU booth on the second floor to pick up a ticket for a workshop!
While you're there, register for a $250 gift basket, to be given away on Lucky Friday, filled with great  Annie Sloan products!
Our Silver and Silver-Plus partners are amazing, too!

The Bonanza crew bunks at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel while we're in town for the show! It has great accommodations and wonderful and varied options for chow (the JB team loves the Mystic Steakhouse and the Caribou Coffee onsite)! Mystic Lake is our preferred hotel; you can learn more and make reservations here!

 New as a Silver Partner this year is, the wholesaler of wonderfully soft vintage flannel shirts, home fabric care and fragrance. (Farmstead is giving away four shirt-fabric care-fragrance packages on Lucky Friday!)
This business, operated by the delightful Garrett Platanitis, supplies retailers throughout the nation, including several in Minnesota
Our friends at Howard Products, makers of a complete line of restorative furniture and natural cleaning products, have sent several products to give away during Lucky Friday! (My favorite? I am a regular purchaser of Howard's Stainless Steel Cleaner! Makes my life in the kitchen ever-so-much-more enjoyable!)
             Stop by Discover Chiropractic's table on the second floor to learn what Discover's staff can do for you. Junkers and sore backs are natural partners! But they don't have to be!

We're thankful for the support of our fab partners! Thanks to them, the Bonanza's Fall show will be even bigger and better!
We can't wait to see you there!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chalk Paint® Finish Workshops by Amanda Ficek!

The Bonanza will be rockin' Canterbury Park next week!
Among the great ongoing activities for attendees is a series of six hands-on painting workshops on specialty finishes that can be achieved using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and the company's other products!
(The Bonanza is thrilled to welcome back Annie Sloan Unfolded as its Gold Partner!)
Amanda Ficek, the talented proprietess of Mama's Happy, is one of ASU's seven wonderful Minnesota stockists! She will be teach each hourlong sessions in the demonstration area on the second floor.
Here's the schedule:
Thursday, Sept. 25
12:30-1:30 "Two-Layer Distressed Finish"
1:45 -2:45 "Modern Smooth Finish"
Friday, Sept. 26
11:30-12:30 "Color Wash Finish"
12:45-1:45 "Dry Brush Finish:
Saturday, Sept. 27
11:30-12:30 "Modern Smooth Finish"
12:45-1:45 "Two-Layer Distressed Finish"
These sessions are free, but space is limited. Pick up a ticket the day of the session you want to attend in the Annie Sloan Unfolded booth at the top of the escalator on the second floor!

Here's a shot of Amanda's workshop, where she has honed her painting skills! She looks forward to helping you with yours!


Monday, September 15, 2014

New Vendor: Hinge!

The Junk Bonanza welcomes new vendor, Hinge!
Kelsey Mihalovich
Business name:
Business located:
218 Fifth St. W, Des Moines IA
Your style in three words:
rusty, farm-fresh, patina
On your junking bucket list:
a sea-to-sea junkin' excursion

You knew you were a junker when...
...the only vacation I get to take is to the flea market.
Best all-time junking find:
My junk gets jealous when I pick favorites.
You wish you would never have parted with...
...a light-up lamppost street snowflake
Bringing to the Bonanza:
We're spooking up Bonanza with lots of Halloween shenanigans!
You never junk without...
...a sense of humor, fanny pack, thinking cap and proper footwear.
In your garage: cars or junk?
I just don't trust people who have room for their cars in the garage.
No one would ever guess you...
...are an only child.
Junking makes you feel...
Instagram: @hingeon5th

We're frankly unhinged at the thought of more great stuff like this!
T-minus 10 days and counting until the Bonanza!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Vendor: Winique Antiques!

A big Bonanza welcome to Winique Antiques, a new JB vendor!
Wendy F. LaEoque-Lundin
Business name:
Winique Antiques
Live in/Sells at:
Chaska, MN/Linda's Cellar in Chaska and The Olde Mill House Antiques and Gifts in Norwood Young America
Your style in three words:
country, cottage, junk
On your junking bucket list:
an Orange Crush thermometer
You knew you were a junker when...
...I made my Dad go with me into the abandoned farmhouse on my Grandpa's farm to get the old metal bed frame from the upstairs bedroom. PS the house was falling apart and there were bats everywhere.
Best all-time junking find:
I collect iris-patterned depression glass dishes. At a flea market in Florida, I found the sugar bowl at one vendor's booth and the cover for the sugar bowl at another.
You wish you would never have parted with...
...the stained glass church window from my family's small country church when they took it down. I was glad to donate it to the Historical Society but would have loved to have put it up in my house.
Bringing to the Bonanza:
ironstone, feed sack pillows, crates, wire baskets, wash tubs, chicken nester, chippy tables, phone stand, stools and much more!
You never junk without... junk survival bag; it is always ready to go. I keep it stocked with a bottle of water, Handiwipes, screw driver, tape measure, health bar, mints and a tablet of paper to record my finds.
In your garage: cars or junk?
No one would ever guess you...
...are part American Indian and taught Ojibwe Language and Culture classes for two years.
Junking makes you feel... I am taking a part of history and giving it new life.
Welcome, Wendy!


Friday, September 12, 2014

New Vendor: Rose's Collectibles!

The Junk Bonanza welcomes Rose's Collectibles!
Rose Spaulding
Business name:
Rose's Collectibles LLC
Live in/Business located:
Brooklyn Center
Your style in three words:
vintage Navajo jewelry
You knew you were a vintage lover when...
...I saw my first vintage squash blossom piece.
On your junking bucket list:
vintage turquoise, turquoise, turquoise!
Best all-time junking find:
vintage Navajo museum pieces
You never junk without...
...big bags.
In your garage: cars or junk?
No one would ever guess you...
...are an avid coin collector.
Junking makes you feel...
...happy we're able to rescue the amazing handmade sterling silver American Indial jewelry from the melters.

Rose, we'll be by to admire the turquoise! We'll be seeing you in a little less than two weeks!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Vendor: Luehmann!

The Bonanza welcomes Luehmann, an amazing purveyor of all things tarnished and natural!
Laurie Luehmann
Business name:
Live in/Business located:

Your style in three words:
beautiful, little creepy
You knew you were a junker when...
...I began foraging from childhood on, picking up rocks, twigs, collecting organize beauty.
Bringing to the Bonanza:
Oddities, silver plate, Christian icons, globes, natural history and taxidermy, some jewelry
Best all-time junking find:
an elephant skull

You never junk without..., water and my phone.
In your garage: cars or junk?
No one would ever guess you...
...I watch Christmas movies all year round.
Junking makes you feel...
...inspired and alive!
Instagram: @laurieluehmann
An action shot from Laurie as she prepares for the show!
 Interesting dioramas are coming, too!

Laurie, we can't wait to see the rest of the amazing things you'll be unloading from your garage in time for the Bonanza!