Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vintage Veterans!

Let’s hear it for a few veteran vendors!

Suzanne Thiesfeld of Objects and Art will be a third year vendor at this year’s Junk Bonanza! Suzanne was in the tent in 2008 when the torrential rains literally “dampened” the atmosphere! Suzanne remembers fondly that most everyone’s spirits remained positive, “One just has to laugh when it’s out of your control!”

Suzanne has been selling her flea market and thrift store finds for about 10 years. She sells at three sales a year and says that the friendly atmosphere, unique vendors and great customers make Junk Bonanza her favorite.

Suzanne plans to bring a lot of cabin décor to the Bonanza this year, including, old phones, weird crafts from the 60’s, nature objects, western boots and cowboy hats. Suzanne’s personal works of art and painting will also be for sale in her booth! She paints in oils and also makes custom signs.

Brenda and Tom Weber of Autumn Place Arts return to the Junk Bonanza this year in the same tent location they were in last year. This husband/wife team will bring gorgeous typewriter jewelry, recycled jewelry (bracelets, necklaces and earrings), plants stakes made from vintage silverware, recycled home décor, painted furniture and Tom’s famous American flags made with wooden bats and baseballs!

Autumn Place Arts are regular vendors at Haupt Antiek’s monthly occasional sales in addition to selling their jewelry to five retail accounts. Brenda works full-time as a Area Manager for a produce specialist. She says she “literally” moonlights as a junk artist!

The 4 French Hens is actually a collaboration of two friends and retired public school teachers, Sally Borgen and Kendra Creevy. Sally says, “Both of us work very hard at being successful retirees”. This will be their third year as vendors at the Junk Bonanza!

4 French Hens specialize in recycled items – furniture, fabrics and dishes. They also make items to sell – sachets, tote bags, jewelry, aprons and mixed media pieces. They love anything that reminds them of growing up from 1938 on – but also have a fondness for items from the 50’s.

Be on the look out for these three veterans at the 2010 Junk Bonanza!

Up next - do you know that yours truly will be styling a table with vintage/thrift finds from Arc's Value Village (a Twin Cities area thrift store) that will be displayed at the Junk Bonanza? Even better, do you know that you can enter a drawing at the Bonanza to win all the beautiful items on the table? I have begun shopping and creating and will share some sneak peeks with you in my next post....

Happy Junking!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Meet Three Artisans!

The Junk Bonanza is famous for bringing together the best junk in the Midwest, but the show is enhanced by the presence of several vendor artisans. These individuals create specific products, many using vintage raw materials. I’d like you to meet three of these fabulously creative vendors who will be bringing unique and useful products to the Bonanza.

Jennifer Finlay is the owner of Jennifleur, maker of wine bottle candles, candles housed in recycled wine bottles. These wildly popular candles were a hit at last year’s Bonanza. This year, Jennifer returns with some new interesting products – liquor and beer bottle candles and also her wine bottle candles, including candles with vintage wine labels from the 60’s and 70’s.

Jennifer grew up on a farm surrounded by creative women, her mother and her sisters. She learned at a young age to be creative and make beautiful things out of available resources. After spending many years in real estate, a career that left little time for being creative, she yearned for an outlet and created “Jennifleur”.

Do you know that the first time Jennifer sold her candles was at last year’s Junk Bonanza? Her products are now sold in over 60 retail accounts mainly in the Midwest!

Leslie Mullin is the owner of Pocket Books/Elegant Treasures, and creates beautiful purses from used and unwanted books. This will be Leslie’s third year at the Junk Bonanza.

Making purses from used and unwanted books happened by accident for Leslie. She was ripping pages out of a book to do an altered book. Unfortunately, as she was pulling the pages out, the entire inside of the book broke out of the binding. Leslie felt the outside of the book was too pretty to be wasted and in frustration threw the book down on her work table. The book cover happened to land next to some beading she was doing. She looked down and there it was, her first Pocket-Book. When Leslie made some for Mothers Day gifts five years ago, she got rave reviews. Her business was born!

This year Leslie has created a new style of purse from books she previously thought to be unusable because of their size. Because the covers were so great, she worked on creating usable products from them. She also has some new handle ideas she is debuting this year.

Laurie Crowell, owns Golden Fig, an artisan food company. She will be selling flavored vinegars, infused sugars, handmade caramels, delicious dip mixes and spice blends at the Junk Bonanza. This will be her second year as a vendor!

Laurie’s line of 80+ specialty food items are made and sold at her store in St. Paul, Minnesota. She ships her products all over the country to gourmet food stores. In addition to running a full-time business, Laurie is a mom of two sweet little boys. Aren’t we lucky to have Laurie at the Junk Bonanza!

I want to thank the following vendors who have each donated a $50 gift certificate for our Lucky Friday giveaway promotion!

Country Keepsakes
Old Crow Farm
Again & Again
Sophie's Choice
Itsy Bits & Pieces

These vendors have been added to the list of Lucky Friday vendors on the sidebar of the blog along with a link to their website or blog.

Happy Junking!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010 all about it.......

The 2010 Junk Bonanza has received some great publicity in the last week!

Go check out the Oronoco Gold Rush Days website. Oronoco is a huge (1000 spaces!) outdoor antiques show and flea market that is held every August in southern Minnesota. Like last year, the Junk Bonanza will have a booth to promote shopping at the Bonanza. And on August 20th Ki will be signing copies of Flea Market Style magazine!

Also, the Rochester Post Bulletin had a nice article about shopping for junk, specifically at the Junk Bonanza!

Only 67 days until Junk Bonanza 2010! The excitement is building!

Happy Junking,


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Feeling Lucky?

We are so lucky that Ki hosts a three-day junk extravaganza! So many shoppers come through the doors at Canterbury, particularly on opening day.

This year, our terrific Junk Bonanza vendors have generously stepped up and offered a great incentive for attendees to shop the Bonanza on Friday.

Shoppers on Friday will have the opportunity to enter a drawing for gift certificates valued at at least $50 for individual vendor booths! Winners will be announced each hour the Bonanza is open and the winner must be present to claim the gift certificate.

So far, twenty-one vendors have donated a gift certificate valued at $50 or more for shopping in their booth during the Bonanza. I want to give a BIG shout out to the following vendors:

Mustard Moon

Altered Ever After

Treasures and Trash

Mimi-Toria's Jewelry

JB Knacker

Hahler Antiques

Junk {re}defined

Vintage Home & Garden

Vintage Pixie

How Quaint

The Hog Shed

The Round Barn Potting Co.

Anniebananies Junk Art

Ramshackled Treasures

The Farmer's Wife

4 French Hens

A Call to the Hunt

Express Yourself Interiors

Junk Chicks

Golden Fig Fine Foods


Please notice a list of these vendors have been added to the sidebar and where applicable, a link to their website or blog.

If you are a vendor and would like to participate, please email me at Shoppers, get ready for some additional opportunities to take that fabulous piece of junk home with you, at a discount no less!

Happy Junking!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Memories to be made.....and a winner!

One of the questions I have asked Bonanza vendors is, "what is your favorite Junk Bonanza memory?". A good question, yes? I guess if you have been a vendor before, but for those first-timers, not so relevant, right?

The two first-timers I am going to introduce you to gave such great responses to the question, "what is your favorite Junk Bonanza memory?" that I had to share them with you.

Urban Farm Girl said, "This is my first year, so I don't have any memories yet...but I fully intend on making loads of fabulous ones this year!"

Mary, aka "Urban Farm Girl" came into the junk business by accident, quite literally. When recovering from a surgery following an auto accident she discovered the world of Ebay and started selling some of her creations and vintage goodies. She went on to do shows and has never looked back.

Mary is bringing great junk to the Bonanza. You can expect to find old signs, vintage paper, dress forms, old mirrors and painted furniture (her specialty!).

Mary is celebrating her 10th year in business - can't think of a better way to do that than being a Junk Bonanza vendor!

Amy from Little Fish Designs said,"The overwhelmingness of it all.....i LOVE it!"

Amy was born into an "antique-loving" family and has always been a junker of some sort. She is a full-time freelance graphic designer and stay-at-home mommy (to three boys!)in addition to creating fabulous jewelry using vintage pieces.

Some of the items you will find in Amy's booth are flatware jewelry, typewriter jewelry, hardware jewelry, soldered pieces, ball jar lighting, hair-ware (vintage barrettes, headbands etc..)and beer bracelets (you will just have to check them out for yourself...).

And the winner of the giveaway.....Judy from the Spice Cupboard! Please email me at so I can get you your Junk Bonanza t-shirt!

Happy Junking!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Round Barn Potting Company.....and how about another giveaway?

Lori Miller is the owner of the Round Barn Potting Company, a fabulous home decor and antiques store located in Andover, Minnesota.

And guess what?

This year, Lori will be a Junk Bonanza vendor!

After taking last year off, Lori enthusiastically returns as a vendor and promises that her booth will definitely have a "wow factor". When Lori was asked what makes her "heart skip a beat" when she finds it, she said definitely anything with white chippy paint and zinc with rust.....hmmmmmm, that sounds a bit familiar. Lori, you and I would make a great junking duo!

Lori is one talented lady. Besides owning the Round Barn Potting Company, doing all the buying and styling for the store, producting a line of greeting cards (lori miller vintage design), Lori is a FULL-TIME Cardiac Nurse Clinician! She told me she does not sleep.....I'm kidding, but seriously, when???

Go check out Lori's Bonanza space...heck, bring her a double espresso, she may need it!

Ok junkers, how would like to win a Junk Bonanza t-shirt?

In order to be entered in the giveaway, please leave me a comment describing your best junking experience, whether that means a great find, meeting a favorite vendor, a day spent with friends/sister/mother/daughter etc....

You must be a Junk Bonanza blog Follower to be entered.

Winner will be announced on Thursday, July 15.

If you Twitter, blog or Facebook about the giveaway you will be entered twice!

Only 65 days until Junk Bonanza 2010!

Happy Junking!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Storehouse and some Itsy Bits and Pieces

Happy July junkers!

I have two more Junk Bonanza vendors to introduce to you! The first is Dawn Fellows of Storehouse. Dawn was a first time Bonanza vendor last year. She loved her first day as a vendor, especially watching the frenzy of people rushing by her booth in the tent area, eargerly trying to reach the "good stuff" inside only to return to the tent after realizing their was equally as much "good stuff" out there! *Remember that Bonanza shoppers.....tent vendors have awesome junk too! Dawn is looking forward to seeing customers return from last year.

Dawn is hoping to offer a black side and a white side to her booth with bits of color mixed in with each. She is committed to selling her merchandise at affordable prices and loves the perfectly imperfect. Dawn describes her style as primitive and a little rough around the edges.

When not selling her perfectly imperfect, rough around the edges wares, Dawn is an Operations Coordinator for a business in southern Minnesota. She dreams about one devoting her time to selling vintage full-time and is even exploring the idea of starting an occasional sale concept in her hometown of Blue Earth, Minnesota.

The second vendor, Itsy Bits and Pieces, is actually a mother/daughter team. Mom Linda got into the junk business when she was a floral designer and began hunting for vintage containers to use for her arrangements. Her daughter Liana joined Linda in business nine years ago when she was just a teenager. Together they sold vintage items on eBay and in a few shops, including the monthly sales at Haupt Antiek Market. This will be the teams' third year selling at the Junk Bonanza!

Itsy Bits and Pieces is known for selling lots of unique and unusual small pieces - ephemera, game pieces, jewelry, hardware, letters and numbers (oh, be still by heart - I love that kind of stuff!). They might also have mentioned that they are planning to sell all sorts of wonderful antiques - an old galvanized barn cupola with a weathervane, furniture and industrial items. A few special items they are planning to bring include, a large lot of unusual National Cash Register price stampers and a beautiful lot of 1874 hand colored maps! Ok, who's going to beat me to this booth?? I dare you!

Only 71 days until Junk Bonanza 2010!

Happy Junking!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Lilac Lane Boutique and Gracie's Cottage

One of the, dare I say, more enthusiastic responses to the initial questionnaire I sent to Junk Bonanza vendors came from two women who will be collaborating in a booth for the first time this year. Needless to say, Kathy Gill of Lilac Lane Boutique and Jan Groen of Gracie’s Cottage are excited to bring their junk to the Bonanza for all of you!

First, meet Kathy of Lilac Lane Boutique. Kathy has always had an interest in old things – particularly those with character and showing honest wear. Kathy loves to reuse and repurpose vintage items in new and imaginative ways. She seems drawn to finding utilitarian vintage pieces – from the days when people did not necessarily replace items when they broke but fixed them in obvious improvised ways. Bonanza shoppers can expect to find these kind of items in Kathy’s space, including what she is calling a “creepy corner”, a place for the off-beat hardware, utility items and definitely a bit of the unexpected!

Jan, of Gracie’s Cottage, also became inspired to collect vintage wares when she was young. Her mother, who at 85 years young is still living in her own home enjoying her collections, encouraged and inspired Jan’s collections and current business. While working as an A& W car hop in the 70’s, Jan saved her tip money to purchase antiques. Since 1996, Jan has been selling her wares at antiques malls, on eBay and at shows. Jan will be bringing vintage feed, seed and flour sacks as well as floorcloths, pillows and totes made from them to the Junk Bonanza. She loves letters and numbers of any kind, hardware, ephemera and what she likes to call “schnibbles & bits” – little findings or parts that are perfect for assemblages - I know I will be shopping for all of this!

Wondering how to find this “must see” booth? Jan’s vintage seven foot tall Uncle Sam will serve as the official ‘greeter’ for their booth – I don’t think you will be able to miss them!

Just 76 days till Junk Bonanza 2010!

Happy Junking!