Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More First-timers!!!

Ready to meet a couple more first-timers?

Rachel Rydel sells vintage wares and blogs as Alice and Elsie. A Director of Finance by day, Rachel began doing a “Trash to Treasure Tuesday” post on her blog featuring junk that she had repurposed. When she began selling her repurposed items, along with her handmade vintage journals and scrapbooks in her Etsy store, she officially became a junk dealer!

Rachel plans to have lots of old books (some repurposed into journals), pretty flowery china, great kitchen items, packs of ephemera, religious items, small painted wood treasures, old linens and mirrored trays. Make sure to stop by the Alice and Elsie booth and welcome Rachel!

The partners Karla Lewison and Ann Stakston will be vendors at the Junk Bonanza under the name Donna’s Daughters. Karla actually owns and operates a store of the same name in southwest Wisconsin. The store sells upcycled creations, vintage and antique items. Karla favors metal junk and old books – anything that she can turn into something fun and useful.

After spending the previous two years as a Junk Bonanza shopper, Karla is excited to bring her friend Ann to her first Junk Bonanza! Karla describes Ann as “the ultimate picker”. A full-time nurse, Karla multitasks by running a Scandinavian cottage on her farm and hosts an annual Barnyard Sale each Fall. Ann’s specialty is painted chippy furniture, kitchen utensils and linens.

Just about 17 days until Junk Bonanza 2010~

Happy Junking!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Winner, winner.....chicken dinner!

Congratulations to Toni from The Tattered Cottage - the winner of the fabulous necklace from Mimi Toria's Designs!

Toni, please email me { jillbeth@aol.com } your address and we will send the necklace to you.
Please come back tomorrow for more vendor profiles - the Junk Bonanza is just a few short weeks away!
Happy Junking!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jeweler Giveaway!!!!!

photo by Tracie VanWechel

One of my favorite items to shop for at the Junk Bonanza is a new piece of jewelry, specifically a necklace made from vintage pieces. I love the collection I have and am always looking to add a new favorite piece. So look out jewelry vendors, here I come!!

Gretchen Schaumann of Mimi-Toria’s Designs, a local {Minnesota} jewelry artist is quickly becoming a friend. She is a warm and thoughtful person, quick with a compliment or acknowledgement of gratitude. She also happens to design beautiful jewelry pieces with vintage finds that will make you swoon.

photo by Tracie VanWechel

Gretchen grew up on a farm in central Minnesota and was always around antiques and collectors as a young girl. She bought her first antique piece at a garage sale for five cents at a garage sale when she was 8 years old and still has a favorite piece purchased when she was 10 years old!

Gretchen began her jewelry design business 14 years ago using found artifacts and beads – she eventually began creating pieces with junk finds, old buckles, cool chandelier crystals, pocket watches, game pieces, vintage buttons, broken chains, watch fobs, glass pearls and keys.

Last year, the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper featured Gretchen’s jewelry in an article about the Junk Bonanza. And while the wonderful press attention was terrific for Gretchen’s business, many Bonanza shoppers had trouble finding Gretchen because she shared a booth with two other sellers. This year, Gretchen {Mimi-Toria’s Designs} will have her very own booth so you won’t be able to miss her!

See this beautiful piece below?

Gretchen has generously agreed to give this cash register necklace away to one lucky Junk Bonanaza blog reader! Please visit the Mimi-Toria Designs blog and leave a comment for Gretchen and then come back here and leave a comment for me....hmmmmm.....describing what specific item you are hoping to find at the Junk Bonanza or the next time you are out junking. Please enter by noon CST on Monday. I will post the winner on Monday evening.

Good luck and happy junking!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Will travel.....for Junk!

The best part of writing this blog has been getting to know the Bonanza vendors who, without their endless creativity, there would be no Junk Bonanza. My vendor profiles have posted steadily these last few months, many generating less than a few comments - could bruise the ego of many bloggers, but not me (I have other ways of knowing that YOU are reading).

My steadfast, and more than enthusiastic commenter, has been a woman named Tamarah - a junker from Australia (yes, Australia!) who is coming to her first Junk Bonanza! And while I truly believe the Junk Bonanza warrants international travel, I was more than a little curious about what was Tamarah's story and why she was traveling so far to come to the Junk Bonanza. She agreed to an "interview" - basically I sent her my questions and she indulged me with the following answers:

Jill: Why travel all the way from Australia for the Junk Bonanza in Minnesota, USA?

Tamarah: To see Ki in action and IMMERSE myself in all think JUNK....! I want to see for myself what's happening on the junk scene in the US...I mean I see pictures on blogs all the time from various shows but I want to see and experience things first hand. I'm SO looking forward to seeing how the show has been organzied at a grass roots level, from the size and number of booths to the catering...oh and course, to buy LOTS of junk....hahahahaha.....!

Jill: How did you come to love "junk"?

Tamarah: I acquired a love of all things 'new to me' from my childhood....my grandparents NEVER bought us new toys or clothes...EVERY Christmas and birthday present was something my Nana rescued or my Poppy made and our gifts were wrapped in the previous years wrapping paper. The stories my Nana told us about how these treasures came to be in her possession were wonderful and I ADORED those gifts above all others.......!!!

Jill: Any particular items you are looking for here amongst American junk?

Tamarah: Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, YES.....metal globes, baseballs, cameras, school maps, milk bottles, numbers and letters, clocks (green, cream & black), small red metal or wood wheels, keys, price tags, horse show ribbons, wooden children's blocks, tins (cookie & candy), aluminum anything, office stuff, American flags.....ummmmm....VINTAGE STUFFED TERRIERS......

Jill: Do you think our junk differs from Australian junk?

Tamarah: Oh FOR SURE...How many of you are there...??? There's ONLY 20 odd million of us 'down here'.....Your HUGE population alone is enough to ensure you guys have WAY NEAT stuff & LOTS of it....PLUS your stuff is NOT influenced by the 'Motherland' (England)....EVERYTHING about the US is unique ESPECIALLY your junk....hahahaha....

Jill: Where do you hunt for treasures at home?

Tamarah: My absolute FAVE place to find junk is the Hard Rubbish (curbside throwouts)....Most every council in Melbourne where I live allows it's residents to throw household 'stuff' on the nature strip for collection on an annual basis....I cruise the HR virtually all year round except for a few weeks over Christmas.

Jill: What has been your favorite find?

Tamarah: .....hmmmmmmm.......**scratches head** (Aside from ANYTHING galvanized), it would have to be my pink and cream fiberglass horse from my blog banner....He was originally part of a child's rocking horse and I found him at the bottom of a pile in HR 9 years ago....I just ADORE him...So much so that when I found another on eBay, I HAD to have him...Lucky for me I won him for a TINY $40.00 and the WONDERFUL seller delivered him to my door....!!!

Jill: Are you in the junk business in Australia?

Tamarah: Not really but I'm WORKIN' on it....I currently have a 'pesky day job' but it's REALLY hard working full time when I have such an overwhelming DESIRE to junk my heart out....!!!

I recently organized the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza here in Melbourne, the concept of which was based on your US shows....

A vendor meeting was held several months prior to the show and we discussed the 'look' I was wanting to achieve...All goods were vetted and an emphasis was placed on styling to ensure we were as far removed from the 'norm' as possible....The feedback from our visitors has been BRILLIANT and I'm currently working on #2 to be held in the New Year....Maybe I'll be able to say 'see ya later' to 'the pesky day job'......FINGERS CROSSED.....!!

Jill: Tell me a bit about yourself....
Tamarah: Geez....This is always a HARD one for me.....I could talk for HOURS about junk but shy away from talking about myself...hmmmmm.

I dream of being in a position where I can say goodbye to full time employment....I want to EXPLORE my creative side which will in turn allow me to feel good about my achievements at the end of the day...I'd LOVE to buy a 'renovators dream' in the country and fill it 'tastefully' with my treasures, renting it out Monday to Friday to city folk wanting a mid-week getaway....My visitors could buy pieces (furniture etc...) as a memento of their stay and then Matt and I could drive up Saturday morning and putter about...**sigh**... Speaking of Matt or Mr. SVJ as I refer to him in my blog, he is my best friend and we've been driving each other CRAZY for the past 13 years.

For more from Tamarah, please visit her fun blog (where the above pictures came from), Shabby Vintage Junk! I don't think any of us will be able to miss Tamarah at the Junk Bonanza! Her love for junk and all things vintage is infectious and endearing....

Happy Junking!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Vendors....more vendors!!!

It seems like the end of summer is approaching so fast! The only good thing about summer's end is that it means the Junk Bonanza will be here soon – just about 24 days, as I write this! Please come back often for blog updates, I have a lot of vendors to profile, even some shoppers who are coming from near and far and perhaps even a guest post!

Today I would like to introduce you to three fantastic Bonanza vendors.

Third year vendor Beth Bright of Blue Star Collections began selling her own junk when it filled the space in her pole barn. Beth currently hosts four occasional sales at her own shop and does six shows on the road, including Junk Bonanza.

A lucky girl, Beth travels to France often and hopes to bring French inspiration to the Junk Bonanza this year! I know this French-loving girl will be sure to make a dash to her booth!

Beth Heeney of Green Cricket Salvage will be a first-time Junk Bonanza vendor! {insert a big Woo-hoo!}

Beth is a dedicated repurposer, she loves to turn junk into eco-friendly home goods. Last year, she purchased Ki’s playground horse and will have it at this year’s Bonanza – transformed into a “grand floor lamp”. I can’t wait to see that!

You will also be able to find salvaged barn wood leash hooks, old license plates wall sconces, vintage Fisher Price necklaces, reclaimed film reel earrings and retro LP cocktail trays.

The final vendor is also a repurposer, with especially useful products, if you live in cold weather climates like me! Donna Lystrom, of Lystrom Specialties makes mittens out of old wool sweaters. Donna is a second year vendor and loves taking something old and giving it a new life. I’m all for that!

Happy Junking!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The story of the "heavy hutch"....

It was so fun to receive Stacey McDevitt’s interview answers for this post! I really had a good chuckle when I read about the “heavy hutch”.

Stacey is the owner of Ramshackled Treasures, a store in Zimmerman, Minnesota. This will be her third year setting up at the Junk Bonanza. Stacey told me her favorite Junk Bonanza memory happened last year. After a particularly long day of packing their truck full of treasures to bring to the Bonanza they returned home and found a LARGE hutch on their driveway. Seems Stacey had forgotten about the piece and their truck was now full. Her husband (like most) encouraged her to leave the piece at home; it was just too large and heavy to haul. Stacey agreed.

Turns out one of Stacey’s dealers who was helping her at the Bonanza had room in her truck so they decided to bring the “heavy hutch”. (it is at this point in her story that Stacey says, “did I mention how heavy it was?”)

When Stacey and her husband arrived at Canterbury and saw where their space was in relation to where they parked they became very reluctant to move the piece inside, but after discovering the young men who are charged with helping dealers move pieces they decided to let them move the “heavy hutch” into their space.

Guess what was the first piece of furniture that Stacey sold on opening day?

Yep, the “heavy hutch”! Of course they used the services of the strong young men to once again put the piece in the buyer’s vehicle.

What a great story!

With the help of two of her most creative dealers, Stacey will be bringing a great assortment of treasures. Her most popular items have been painted furniture in shade’s of robin’s egg blue, reds, yellows, blacks and whites. She will also be selling one-of-a-kind” door tables.

Ramshackled Treasures in downtown Zimmerman is open every weekend. You can visit their website or fan them on Facebook.

Happy Junking!

Tell the world!

Check this out!

We, at Junk Bonanza headquarters, created a special blog button so that you can let friends, family and the world know that you are headed to the Junk Bonanza!

Go to the sidebar, copy the html code and add it to your blog or website.

Happy Junking!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Did you know...

With the Junk Bonanza fast approaching I thought it would be helpful to let you know about some exciting details and information. Of course, you could always just visit the Junk Bonanza website yourself and find out all the juicy details but I thought doing a simple "did you know" rundown would be more fun. And who doesn't like a bit of fun on a Monday morning?

Did you know.....that Early Bird tickets that include a free tote bag are almost sold out? Of course, you can always buy Early Bird tickets but don't you want the spiffy tote bag to hold your junk?

Did you know.....that on Friday, September 17 shoppers will have the chance to win coupons valued at $50 or more for shopping in specific vendor booths? This is your chance to make your shopping dollars go farther and buy more junk!

Did you know....that Marshall's Farm Market is returning to the Junk Bonanza this year, offering local harvest goods and gourmet food items for sale!

Did you know.....that Ki, along with Heather Bullard (Senior Editor)will be signing copies of Flea Market Style magazine at the Junk Bonanza?

Did you know.....that Amy Barickman and Sandy Stone will be signing copies of their new books on Saturday, September 18th?

Did you know.....that the Junk Bonanza will have a booth at the Oronoco Gold Rush Days Antiques show? Stop by either Friday or Saturday, August 20th & 21st to get a sneak peek at what you can expect to find at the Junk Bonanza!

And last but not least - go checkout my friend Amy's blog for a chance to win a fun Junk Bonanza/Flea Market Style giveaway!

Happy Junking!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

there is a first time for everything......

We are almost just a month away from Junk Bonanza 2010! I am excited to introduce you to two more enthusiastic first-time vendors.

First up is Judith Walsberg from Tapestries of Nature. Judith told me she has always been fascinated with cast-offs, discarded and rusty pieces of junk. She loves to look for other uses for the odd bits and pieces of part and stuff – especially the rusty junk!

Shoppers can expect to find lots of metals and wire and textiles in Tapestries of Nature’s booth. Judith hopes to elevate the typical metal and wire garage items to something hip and useful! Are you as curious as I am to see Judith’s booth?

Judith also has a retail shop in St. Charles, Illinois.

The Jeweled Hummingbird is a collaborative effort for first-time vendors, Lisa Fahey and Dianne Olsby. Expect to shop their booth for restyled vintage furniture, vintage art and home accessories.

When Lisa was asked what makes her heart “skip a beat” when she finds it, she answered, “something that is very ornate and needs lots of TLC.” Lisa went on to say, “in a really weird way, I think the furniture picks me”. Don’t we all feel like that sometimes?

Stop by and give these new vendors some love!

Happy Junking!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Arc's Value Village Thrift Project

As I mentioned in my last post, yours truly will be styling a tabletop, displayed at the Junk Bonanza, using items exclusively purchased at Twin Cities area thrift store, Arc's Value Village. I am so excited to show Junk Bonanza vendors and shoppers lots of creative and accessible ideas for stylish entertaining using affordable thrift store finds. And the best part is that You will be able to enter a drawing to win all the items on the finished tabletop!

I love shopping thrift stores for vintage treasures and Arc's Value Village is really the best in the Twin Cities! !

With a bit of patience and perserverance you can find great vintage china and glassware, linens and accessories.

When shopping thrift stores, you must have an open mind, you just never know what you are going to find! Often, I leave with nothing....but many times I leave with great vintage items without having spent much money.

For my tablescape this year I was inspired by some very feminine china place settings I found on an early shopping trip to Arc's. But I also just may be using some of these too.....

Just you wait and see - it's going to be fabulous!

Only 42 days until Junk Bonanza 2010!

Happy Junking!