Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bring on the Bonanza!

Was that just last September when we had so much fun? Standing in the crisp autumn air, anticipating the thrill of the hunt with friends and family and friends we had yet to meet),barely able to contain our excitement for the fun to come?

Yes, just a few short seasons ago.

And yes, it's not that long until we can queue up and do it all over again!

(Have you marked your calendar for Sept. 15-17 yet? What are you waiting for?!)

Today we're rousing the Bonanza blog from its post-holiday hiatus. And we're saying a bittersweet goodbye to wonderful writer, Jill Hinson, who is packing for a transfer once again. She's headed home to Oregon and, it is hoped, to a happily real "forever* cottage."

Which brings me, Kim Yeager, to you. The blogging baton is passed to this junker-decorator- stylist-writer. Hope you'll enjoy the ride as we traverse the days and months leading up to the Bonanza. Watch for vendor profiles and pictures, behind-the-scenes peeks and general good junking fun!

But first, take a look at last year's party. Because it will be here again before you know it, and you won't want to miss one minute!

Those were long lines! Bonanza team member John Whaley and founder Ki Nassauerdistributed restorative mini-donuts to patient Early Bird shoppers!

Official Bonanza photog Tracie VanWechel saw all, snapped all! Behold:

Families, friends and "bag ladies" filled the grounds! That's Bonanza teammate Kathie Case on the upper right, distributing bags to Early Bird ticket holders!

There was writing and wrangling, snacking and sipping!

You'd be smiling, too, if you'd nabbed those treasures!

Bonanza attendees were never too busy to peruse a bargain or pose with their stash!

Who didn't come to the Bonanza?!

Attendees nabbed finds from jars to jewelry...

... that left them smiling, or deep in thought!

Junk Bonanza 2010 was a place to dig with delight and to take it all in ...

... and to head home happily after a great day -- or days -- in the company of great treasures and those who love the vintage vibe as much as you do!

We can't wait to share the progress with you as the 2011 Junk Bonanza takes shape!

And be sure to check April 15, when Early Bird tickets go on sale!

Happy Junking!