Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good things come in orange boxes...

What thrills a junker more?

The fabulous find unearthed from beneath a dusty, crusty, barn beam?

The spot-on pile of parts left on a curb for any taker?

The perfect piece of fill-in-the-blank that only you seem to realize is priceless?
(Well, that could be because it is only priceless to you, but that's another post!)

I'm partial to those most excellent treasures that fall, serendipitously, in to one's lap.

Today's treasure: this orange toolbox, filled with faucets!

Credit for this beauteous bounty goes to pal Beth, who casually inquired recently whether I wanted to "pre-shop" her garage sale.

(If there are sweeter queries, they fail to spring immediately to mind!)

Once a collection, this discarded pile had become garage clutter. Now it's in my garage. Awaiting my inspiration. Or, yours!

What would these parts become in your talented hands?

I know what I would do. Maybe you will convince me otherwise!

In the meantime, happy junking. May good stuff continue to come your way!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Etsy in the House!

We are feeling a frisson of pleasure right down the the tips of our Jack Purcells! We've got big news to share with you!

Online marketplace giant is partnering with the Junk Bonanza to promote Etsy Vintage!

Among the exciting upshots of this news: Etsy will feature an online shopping gallery jointly curated by Bonanza and Etsy vendors!

Look for Ki's guest editorial post on Etsy's blog in August, and inclusion of the Bonanza on Etsy's events calendar.

Finally, Etsy also plans to send a team to appear at the Bonanza!

A perfect partnership is launched!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Name that junk...

What is this thing?

It was gifted to me in a bag full of castoffs from a friend headed out of town in a hurry. (The First Corollary of Junk: The amount of good stuff in the bag rises in direct proportion to how big a hurry the owner is to leave.)

I have no idea what it is.

Apparently, spending most of my time at estate and yard sales instead of auctions and farm sales has left a sizable gap in my junking IQ!

I am similarly stymied as to the provenance of this tin box. It's rusted to a gorgeous finish, and comes with a D-ring hook, but it's on the wrong side for hanging on a wall, unless it's on a three-inch nail or longer. What was it used for, I wonder?

Here's your chance to flaunt your junking bona fides!
Share your knowledge and go to the head of the class! And remember, only 127 days until the Junk Bonanza, where there will be plenty of great stuff (easily identifiable, at that) to stoke the imagination!

Happy Junking!