Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Planning: Ground Control to Major Tom!

September seems a long way off while the summer Zeitgeist is all hot dogs, sunscreen and tag sales, but it's really not! No one knows that better than the Junk Bonanza team, hard at work preparing a fabulous gathering for you Sept. 15-17!

Last night's planning meeting found Event Manager Emily Gabrelcik, left; Vendor Wrangler Jane Hall and me, your recording scribe, inside one of the upstairs conference rooms at the Eden Prairie Dunn Brothers, hashing out issues from ticket distribution to food availability to jazzing up the entry way -- and we'll keep that plan a surprise for now!

The key participant, Junk Bonanza impressario Ki, checked in via cell phone. Her opportunities to Skype are limited by her current remote location in southern Florida!

(Ki's only admonition: Would you please speak one at a time?!)

It was a long meeting and still not finished. We'll be taking up issues from T-shirt color to Lucky Friday giveaways later this afternoon! But rest assured, we're on the case as we prep for a fabulous Junk Bonanza!

Have you made your travel plans yet?!

Early Bird tickets are still available here!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Name that junk, too

Intrepid blog readers and inveterate junkers!

You were at the ready recently to identify a wire contraption unknown to my untrained eye.
You called it: a vintage drain spout debris catcher.

But this time, I know what these are!

Do you?

A close-up:

That's Junk Bonanza Cammie of Daffadowndillys, holding her quarry.

She's redeemed great quantities of these from various junking sources and plans to bring them to the Bonanza.

Can you guess what it is?

One hint: Don't be swayed by those pop crates beneath. They are unrelated!

Happy Junking!