Friday, July 29, 2011

Vendor Profile: Sommers Breeze Antiques

Meet first-year vendor Lisa Sommers, Sommers Breeze Antiques, of Pardeeville, Wis., ("Everyone wants to live in Party Ville!"), north of Madison:

Built, ran and sold: The Pardeeville Antique Mall.

Now working on: Setting up a one-room school house for future weekend sales.

Evolving style: She recently switched from a vintage, outdoorsy aesthetic "to more of a shabby chic, romantic style. I adore tarnished old silver, white ironstone pieces, crisp linens, feed sacks and chippy paint, wood objects."

Bonus fallout for Bonanza shoppers: "Since my tastes have changed in the last year, I will be offering some old wood advertising signs that I have been hoarding for several years!"

What else is she bringing? Everything from antique mannequins, wire bins, cobbler shoe forms to antique photos and old papers.

Best junking find: A shiny stone set into costume-like jewelry, in the middle of a pretty brooch that she encouraged two others to buy, both of whom passed. "I paid $24 for the set and was told since the brooch was merely gold-plated, it was surely cubic zirconia. But, after testing it...a diamond! Not just any diamond, a really good diamond! I sold it and paid off my car! Cha Ching!"

Most indispensible staple:" The Sixth Sense. When you see something for what it might become!"

See you at the Bonanza, where you are sure to find your own diamond in the rough!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vendor Profile: British Transit Route Sign Designs

DeWayne Lumpkin's business is in transit! The Grants Pass, Ore., entrepreneur is today's Junk Bonanza vendor profile!

His British Route Sign Designs by Home Economics (H.E. is the brick-and-mortar store) appeared at the Bonanza for the first time last year. Some fun facts about DeWayne, A full-time junker who began sourcing these signs 10 years ago:

Best Bonanza piece from last year: A multicolored British Route Sign with jewel-toned blues, greens, reds and yellow. "This was the rarest example I'd ever seen and a collector bought it at the Bonanza for $600."

What he's bringing this year: Route signs from Hong Kong (with destinations in English and Chinese characters), Australia, United States and the United Kingdom. Plus some rare New York signs that include system maps along with destinations.

Funniest Bonanza moment: "Running into a wild woman I had met at the Portland Expo show the previous year. I had wandered away from my booth and when I came back a neighbor said, 'Your girlfriend is looking for you.' I said, 'I don't have a girlfriend,' and he said, 'Well, that's what she wanted me to tell you.' I am terrible with names but you all know her. She's a vendor and a nurse and a flight attendant and a genuinely certifiable wild woman. She purchased route signs and we did a partial trade on an amazing vintage map she had and I met her husband it it really was great fun!"

(Editor's note: That resume fits the one and only Pam Curry of Pam's Picks, wild woman at large!)

No one would guess: "That I don't collect a SINGLE THING!"

Official endorsement: "Having done shows in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, etc., who would have thought that the Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, Minnesota, would rank as one of my Top 3 shows last year? But it was. Amazing show; can't wait to return."

DeWayne, we can't wait to see you and your fab gear, either!

Check back for more vendor profiles coming this week!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Vendor Profile: Little Fish Designs

Today's Junk Bonanza vendor profile: Amy Baas of Little Fish Designs, whom the Garage-Girls blog in May dubbed "the Martha Stewart of the Motorcycle Industry"!

Some things to know about Amy, of Lakeville, Minn., who will be making her second Bonanza vendor appearance:

Most versatile material: Vintage flatware, "because I can make so many things out of just ONE piece!"

She can't live without: "Needle-nose pliers and my 5th-generation anvil!"

No one would guess she's: "Into vintage motorcycles. I ride a 1939 knucklehead."

Best pieces she brought to the Bonanza last year: hinge bracelets and a bathtub couch.

What's she's bringing this year that will be even better: "more creative uses for hinges and old leather purses!"

You can see more of Amy's work at her etsy store. And watch this space for more profiles of the purveyors of what's in store for you at Junk Bonanza 2011!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Planning and An Uninvited Guest!

Getting ready for the Junk Bonanza is a little bit like the classic duck story: calm on top, and paddling like mad underneath.

The JB team is meeting regularly to parse out issues of space, marketing, advertising, giving the vendors the best possible experience, distributing tickets, public relations, etc. Note that Bonanza Event Manager Emily Gabrelcik never travels without two phones! (And vendor wrangler Jane Hall wonders why!)

And, as usual, Ki checked in from afar; still bunking in Florida and not yet returned to LA!

One recent evening meeting was standard operating procedure. That is, until Ki loudly informed that she had to get off the phone now to deal with a particularly pesky speciman of the common cockroach, pictured.

Yes, he has departed this mortal vale. Long live Ki's moxie!

She used her attractive purple Con to eradicate said pest. "Not with my foot inside the shoe, cause it was crawling up the wall, much higher than I could raise my leg these days," she said. "No time to find the spray!"

It's always comforting to know that some things are constant: The Junk Bonanza returns each year, better than the last. And calm, cool and collected Ki never sweats the details (even if they are motoring along on multiple legs!)

Here's to a fun and adventure-fllled Bonanza! We can promise it won't be dull!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vendor Profile: Old Parts-New Hearts

The Junk Bonanza is a mere 56 days away!

We're planning, working and whirling! You're whirling, working and junking! Preparations are all-aflurry for the JB team as well as for the vendors.

Ah, the vendors! More than 130 vendors -- seasoned hands and the newly minted -- ready to bring you the ultimate in vintage finds, antique treasures and stuff you can't live without.

We'll share profiles with you as we lead up to the Bonanza, and the first goes to a true JB newbie, visiting as a vendor and as a customer, for the very first time:

Meet folk artist Pam Dyer-Walters, who carves and paints wooden hearts, attaches them to salvaged parts and embellishes them with vintage hardware.

Old Parts-New Hearts is based in Winterset, Iowa, where Dyer-Walters calls her basement workshop "the envy of all the old men in town!"

Latest favorite recycled material: old tractor headlights.

Indispensible junking tool: "A really large pair of bolt cutters that my Dad gave me. He got tired of bringing them to me to use," so he handed them down instead.

Fun fact no one would guess about her: "I fantasize about operating large earth-moving machinery."

Watch this spot for more vendor profiles!
We've only just begun to write!