Monday, March 19, 2012

Early Bird Bags Gone! Tickets Still for Sale!


This just in...Early Bird Bags are Gone!

Early Bird tickets still for sale!

Our all-points bulletin a half hour ago on there being just 17 free-bag-with-ticket Early Bird specials left ignited a firestorm!

Eager Bonanza-lovers grabbed the last ones with the zeal usually reserved for Bastille-storming!
We are happy to report, however, that you can still take advantage of the Early Bird special: Your purchase of a $25 ticket gets you in the the Bonanza two hours before the rest of the madding crowds. And it also works for admission the next two days. Perfect for those of you who live by these words: shop early and shop often!

You can order the Early Bird ticket now, or on the site right up to the day of the event! Get your golden ticket here!


Early Bird Bags Going, Going, Almost Gone!

With Junk Bonanza still months away (have you marked your calendar yet for Sept. 13-15?!), lots of people have been thinking about -- and purchasing! -- their Early Bird tickets! Those are the $25 tickets that get you in two hours before the regular open the first day of the Bonanza, and are good for admission the rest of the show as well!

The Bonanza gives away a great bag (all the better to stash your goodies in, my dear!) to the first 250 Early Bird ticket buyers!

As of this writing, 233 tickets have been purchased, meaning there are only 17 bags left!

You can purchase Early Bird tickets on the web site right up until the actual event, but the bags are almost gone! So if you'd like to have one of these sweet babies swinging from your arm come Sept. 13, now's the time to buy!

You can order your Early Bird ticket here! Here's hoping your plans are in the bag!!