Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Paso Robles Trip, Part 2

The Junk Bonanza team road trip to the Three Speckled Hens flea market in Paso Robles, Calif., was a serendipitous event. Junker Pam Curry, right, a flight attendant, grabbed a standby flight and joined the fun. (Vendor wranger Jane was still inside, networking, and missed her photo op!)

Pam took the second leg of the drive into Paso, steering us through rain, hail and finally, sun, then more rain. We arrived about 15 minutes late for our reservations at The Artisan. (Like good junkers, we called ahead!)

Ki and Kim had the hanger steak with Bordelaise sauce, Pam and Emily the halibut. Jane opted for this incredible lettuce salad. Those two packs of peanut M and Ms didn't go very far for the four-hour trip!

Then the five of us settled in to our room at the Paso Robles Inn, with Pam on the rollaway. Providentially, there were double sinks and a bar sink as well, so toothbrushing was not an elbows-out event!

It was unseasonably cold during the flea, and we had to turn on the wall-mounted, in-room heater. Unfortunately, none of us has an engineering degree from M.I.T. We could have used one. Jane and Ki saved the day.

That same degree would have come in handy while we packed up for the ride home. After the flea (and a winery tour!), we all had a lot more stuff to transport.

How many junkers does it take to pack a car? Five, and we were all sitting with stuff on our laps or beneath our feet all the way back. The sun was shining, the ocean was gorgeous, the warm feeling of days spent with junking friends was fabulous.

Then, as soon as it started, it was over. The SuperShuttle arrived (early! Hurried packing still under way!) to transport our group, sans Ki, to the airport, where, even with hours to spare, Jane and Pam almost missed the flight.

Never a dull moment with the Junk Bonanaza crew! While Ki had a restorative cup of coffee, we were winging our way back to Minneapolis.

Watch for posts soon on all the plans that were decided on and will be put into action!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

JB at the Three Speckled Hens Flea!

The day dawned bright, early and chilly at the Three Speckled Hens flea market event Saturday! The JB team was already fortified with rhubarb scones, Polish yam bread and fresh oranges foraged from the farmers market across the street from the Paso Robles Inn.

And we were rarin' to check out the 89 vendors in their 5th year of shows!

We pulled in to the parking lot an hour early, but we couldn't enter until Ki had put on her"hostess gift" from vendor wrangler Jane:

a pair of festive, lace-less tennis shoes procured from Whimsy the day before on the way to Paso!

One of the Hens, junker Susi, was busy beautifying the booth where Ki would sign the spring/summer issue of Flea Market Style mags!

Just as we started to stroll the grounds, Ki espied these cool flannel shirts from Platanitis!

Ki had to ask Garrett all about them...

... and purchase one, of course!

She loved the great tent area the Hens had styled for the signing!

Color and texture were everywhere! Check out these cool arrows, in a tin-can quiver!

Industrial lovers found plenty to adore!

Junk with a French flair!

I coveted Susi's cool cowboy boots!

At the end of the day, the Hens know how to throw a party! There was a rockin' barbecue and Marga party for the vendors and guests!

The temperature continued to drop! Jane showed off her five-layer approach to high fashion!
The most warmth was emanating from the hostesses, however! Their ultra-wattage smiles kept
everyone happy! Here are Kathy, Susi and Carrie with a trophy presented to them the first night of the flea!

(Yes, it says Three Way!)
But these gals are triple-strength flea marketers, who don't do anything by halves!
Thank you, fabulous Hens, for a wonderful visit to your show!

We can't wait until you're in our town in September!

Can't get enough of the on-the-road reporting? Check out the Flea Market Style blog for concurrent dispatches!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bonanza Planning: Paperwork and Pizza

Planning started bright and early Thursday at Ki's kitchen table with Emily's printed agenda leading the way!

Some people were not yet out of their pajamas, but their brains were already firing, after copious amounts of coffee.

We pretty much worked all day. At the counter... the Larchmont Larder...

(where they had some rockin' pillows!)... the patio out back (where it was uncharacteristically chilly for LA!)

Like all armies, the Junk Bonanza team runs on its stomach. Ki kept us well-fed and watered.
Incredible California strawberries starred at breakfast...

...Albacore tuna salad, roasted beets, wheatberry salad, green beans and split pea soup with ham at lunch!

(Did I mention the rockin' lemon bars? Showing uncharacteristic restraint; the four of us split one.)
As always, Diet Cokes were swilled in abundance...

...and pizzas arrived while we worked through supper. Ki and Emily shared bacon/pineapple. Jane and I had the classic pesto/Roma tomato combo.

We finished working about 11 p.m., but Ki and Jane took time out to do a quick load of laundry. Even glamorous Bonanza planners need clean socks!

What's your first clue that this is junker laundry? Drywall screws come out in the wash!

At the end of a long day, the table looked like this. Tomorrow, we'll do it all over again, but we're hitting the road for the Three Speckled Hens flea market in Paso Robles!

Stay tuned for tales from the road!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Junk Bonanza Team's First Night in LA !

We left Minneapolis on Wednesday for the Junk Bonanza planning meeting in Los Angeles.

Vice President Biden was in town, his security logistics slightly delaying our flight. Jane made herself comfortable at MSP International in the Lindbergh Terminal...

... and we were lucky to have a great seatmate for the flight out. We met Pam from Champlin, an old movie buff who was headed to LA for a Turner Classic Movie Festival. She likes all vintage stuff, jewelry included. We loved her carryon backpack, all blinged out with classic, flea-market brooches!

Event manager Emily was traveling separately and not arriving until late. But she thoughtfully booked the SuperShuttle for us ...

... and soon Ki was greeting us from the uber-cool courtyard of her fab LA digs!

We had dinner in the neighborhood at El Adobe, where we enjoyed our tacos and enchiladas underneath a wall of framed, signed head shots. (President Gerald Ford and Gilda Radner peered over the top of my head!)

Later, after Emily arrived, we got to the business of settling in to Ki's jewel-box of an apartment for the night. How many Bonanza team members does it take to blow up two air mattresses, anyway?!

Stay tuned for a peek tomorrow at the first day of Junk Bonanza planning! May I just say, it was a long and productive day!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Bonanza Team L.A./Paso Robles-Bound!

Ki with Kathy, Susi and Carrie, the Three Speckled Hens, on an earlier visit to Paso Robles!

It's that time of year again. While this year's Junk Bonanza plans have been cooking as soon as last year's event wrapped, it's time for the official team planning meeting at Ki's digs in Los Angeles!

What's different this year? We'll also be road-tripping on our road trip!

Ki, pictured above with the Three Speckled Hens, will be signing Flea Market Style magazines at their Paso Robles event April 14-15! She met the antiques and vintage dealers -- Kathy, Susi and Carrie, from left to right -- at the Farm Chicks show. ("We immediately clicked!" Ki says!) They visited her later in LA, and she traveled to see them on their home turf, near Templeton, Calif., in beautiful central coastal wine country!

So we're taking our Junk Bonanza planning trip on the road! Event Manager Emily, Vendor Wrangler Jane and me, your marketing scribe, will arrive in LA Wednesday, and begin our travels soon after!

Will we see you at the Three Speckled Hens show Saturday and Sunday?! We hope so! All the details are here if you decide to join the fun!

If not, keep reading! We'll keep you posted on the fun and progress!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Coming to the Bonanza!

Junk Bonanza is pleased to announce that Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has signed on as a top-level partner for this year's event, Sept. 13-15!

The paint company's founder and namesake, Annie Sloan, is on her North American tour, Annie Sloan Unfolded, introducing the line of paint, waxes and other finishes to the U.S. market!

At the recent one-day Chicago workshop, Annie graciously signed copies of her books for participants who were over-the-top pleased to be talking with and taking in techniques from the master!

(Guess who forgot her copy at home? Annie signed the hand-painted color card with happy wishes to the Bonanza instead!)

Junk Bonanza is thrilled to partner with Annie! Read more about ASCP on the Bonanza Activities page, which will be updated soon with more details about the partnership and how it will play out at the Bonanza!