Monday, September 24, 2012

Ki Packs Light!

Ki is home from the Bonanza, and on the road again; today starts five days of shooting for the Spring/Summer edition of Flea Market Style magazine!
She's a pro packer! Thought you'd like to know how she packed for 10 days in Minnesota for the Junk Bonanza with a few extra days on either end of the trip!
Ki's carry-on luggage contained her:
* Computer
* Files
* 6 Bonanza teal-colored T-shirts
* 3 pairs of jeans
* 1 pair of sneakers
* 3 Bonanza sweatshirts
* 2 flannel shirts
* and various assorted sundries!

She also notes that while she brings three pairs of jeans, she usually wears her pair of "good luck" jeans the entire time!
Ki's charms and talents are seemingly endless, and now we are adding expert packer to the list!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bonanza: The Breakdown!

And then, just as soon as it started, Junk Bonanza was almost over!
Ki issued her heartfelt thanks to the vendors, customers and the team...
... vendors dropped off contracts for Spring and for Fall...
 ... and the aisles started to clear!
 Carts were rollin'...
 ... rollin', rollin'!
 There was a lot of heavy lifting by men, women and...
 ... children!
 Smiles still abounded...
 ... even when she remembered her contract was in the car!
 The takedown was efficient...
 ... fast...
 ... and, apparently, fun!
 There was a place to perch...
 ... a place to sit ...
 ... and much to ponder!
 There was stuff on a roll...
 ... stuff that was poles!...
 ... and finishing the goal!
 Stuff flew out of Canterbury at a high rate of speed...
 ... (and why was this beautiful piece still there?!!!)
One thing for sure, dealers were still smiling at the end of a very long haul! We can't wait to do it all over again April 18-20!

Thanks for the memories!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bonanza, The Scene: Part 2!

Also seen at the Bonanza:
These boots were made for vending!
Annie's folks were all smiles!
A concrete canine stood vigil!
Vanessa handled the Junk Rev Store going!
FleaQuest made a splash at the Bonanza! Who doesn't like the idea of finding the best flea markets, vintage sales and the like online?!!
Your Bonanza scribe may not be able to open her eyes wide for the camera, but she was wide-eyed in appreciation to finally meet Holly Kuhn of Old Glory Antiques!
Friends Mary from Illinois and Karen from St. Paul met at the Bonanza for their yearly date!
... and to enjoy good food! Pictured: the famous Canterbury Fried Egg and Bacon sandwich...
... and here's our favorite camera ham, Tim Luke, with FleaQuest specialist Tieran Haskin!
Ki donned a flower pin made by a thankful attendee of the Oronoco Gold Rush...
... while vendor Lisa pinned her sale hopes on great display with lots of flowers!
First-time attendees Mary and daughter Allison enjoyed meeting Bonanza maven Ki!
Seven-time Bonanza vets Jim and Jan of Summerspell enjoyed time with family and friends!
The continuous element here?
Fun and friends!
Can't wait to share both with you all over again at the inaugural Spring Bonanza, April 18-20, 2013!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bonanza, The Scene: Part 1!

The Bonanza scene was full of smiles, from the early setup on Tuesday...

... to the earliest Early Birds on Thursday!

The line eventually stretched for a very long way!

 This group wore pink "to find each other!"

Inside, it was all people, all the time!

 Friends who came together...

 ... friends who shopped together...


 ... friends who vend together...

 ... and who hug together!

Design blogger Erin from House of Turquoise was also in OUR house!

 Annie Sloan Unfolded made a lot of new friends!

The Bonanza was even a place where old friends reconnected!

Junk Bonanza is a people place! Watch tomorrow for more pictures!


Monday, September 17, 2012

A Wedding Anniversary Kilts!

This is a Happy Anniversary story that is very happy!
And it involves the kilt-wearing crew, above, and these smiling lovebirds, below!

Friday at the Junk Bonanza was the 23rd anniversary for Treasured Nest vendors Kris and Mark Hutson of Woodstock, Ill.
Mark has done roses and cake for previous Bonanzas. This year, he brought in the big guns: The Macalester College Pipe Band!

They entered the building and wove throughout the Bonanza buildings to cheers and tons of cell phone snapshots!...

... and -- surprise! -- ended up in front of Treasured Nest, , and ended up, pipes at full blast!

They were very, very good!
 Their rendition of Amazing Grace brought Kris and many Bonanza vets -- including this grizzled scribe -- to tears!

Said a delighted Kris: "We've been married for such a long time that every year holds a surprise! This year will top the ones in the past, but not the future. He's so awesome!"

So Mark, we ask you, what will you do for numbers 24 and 25?!

The bagpipers rocked!
(And you can hire them for your own surprise event, too, at,
 or Mike at 651-387-6142!)